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The Edinburgh Geological Society is one of the UK’s foremost geological societies. We organise a full and varied programme of excursions and lectures that bring together everyone from complete beginners to professional geologists interested in exploring the geology of Scotland and beyond.

The Geological Society of Glasgow was founded in 1858 – the year that Darwin and Wallace presented the idea of Natural Selection! The society has a programme of monthly lectures, running from October to May, on topics by leading experts in their fields. We also run field excursions from April to September.

The Highland Geological Society’s main aim is to promote the understanding of the science of geology and other earth sciences through the organisation of field trips and lectures. Since it was founded in the early 1980’s the Society has served both the experienced geologist and the keen amateur.

Supplies for Geoscientists, Geologists & Geology students, Archaeologists & Archaeology / Geography students.

Britain’s leading supplier of Minerals, Rocks, Fossils, Geological Equipment & Tools. 15% discount on phone orders for AGS members.

Shetland Lanscapes offer guided tours or walks with an emphasis on the diverse geology, landscapes and archaeology of Shetland as well as giving you the chance of close encounters with some wonderful wildlife.

Ever wondered what Scotland was like in the past? Tropical seas, volcanoes and great rivers formed the rocks beneath our feet, millions of years ago. These rocks have been sculpted and eroded to form Scotland’s beautiful scenery. Join geologist Angus Miller for a walk back in time …