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Scottish Geological Societies

The Edinburgh Geological Society was founded in 1834 with the aim of stimulating public interest in geology and the advancement of geological knowledge.
The rocks and scenery around Glasgow make it one of the finest regions in Britain from which to gain an understanding of geology - the science of the Earth. The Geological Society of Glasgow was founded in 1858, and since that time it has had a proud history of activity and achievement in the study of geology in Scotland.

Other Sites of Geological Interest

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Shetland Geotours and Shetland Lanscapes offer guided tours or walks with an emphasis on the diverse geology, landscapes and archaeology of Shetland as well as giving you the chance of close encounters with some wonderful wildlife.
Ever wondered what Scotland was like in the past? Tropical seas, volcanoes and great rivers formed the rocks beneath our feet, millions of years ago. These rocks have been sculpted and eroded to form Scotland's beautiful scenery. Join geologist Angus Miller for a walk back in time ...