The society published two field guides, one in paperback form, the other as downloadable field excursions.

Excursion Guide to the Geology of E. Sutherland and Caithness. N. H. Trewin and A. Hurst (Eds) Dunedin Academic Press, Edinburgh.

This is an updated version of the 1993 guide with numerous colour illustrations, and a new excursion (Sandside Bay).

AGS members price is £8.00 and price to non-members is £12.00. Please contact the commitee to arrange purchase.

Excursion Guide to the Geology of the Aberdeen Area. N. H. Trewin, B. C. Kneller and C. Gillen (Eds) 1986. Scottish Academic Press.

We are well on the way with our plans to republish the Aberdeen Guide in digital format. Our intrepid volunteers have been out checking the excursions for any changes that may have occurred since they guide was originally published. Thirteen excursions are now available, all of which are free to download.

The files are available in pdf format which can be displayed on your desktop computer, or on your mobile phone or tablet.

1 The Dalradian of the Portsoy Area J.P. Carty and T.E. Johnson Portsoy Dalradian
2 Macduff Dalradian Turbidite Fan and Glacial Deposits N.H. Trewin Macduff Dalradian
3 Macduff to Whitehills – Buchan Type Regional Metamorphism N.F.C. Hudson and T.E. Johnson Buchan Zones
4 The Dalradian of Fraserburgh T.E. Johnson and B.C. Kneller Fraserburgh Dalradian
5 Cairnbulg to Inzie Head – Dalradian Migmatites T.E. Johnson and S. Fischer Inzie Head Dalradian
6 Pennan, Unconformity in the ORS N.H. Trewin Pennan ORS Unconformity
7 The Lower Old Red Sandstone of New Aberdour N.H. Trewin, S.D. Andrew and B.C. Kneller The Lower ORS
8 Stonehaven to Findon: Dalradian Structure and Metamorphism B. Harte, J.E. Booth and D.J. Fettes Stonehaven Dalradian
9 Devonian of St Cyrus & Milton Ness N.H. Trewin St Cyrus Devonian
10 Crawton : Lavas and conglomerates of the Lower ORS N.H. Trewin Crawton Lavas


Geowalks – Earth Science Outdoors

One of our members, Peter Craig, has done much good work for the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum. Two of his local excursions are aimed at teachers, and are rather complementary to our own excursions in the Table. They may be found at :

Scottish Natural Heritage – Landscapes Fashioned By Geology

Scottish Natural Heritage publish a number of booklets that explain the geological processes that formed the landscape of several Scottish areas, and the enormous timescales over which it was fashioned. We have linked to some of these publications below:

Landscape fashioned by geology – Northeast Scotland

Landscape fashioned by geology – Fife and Tayside

Landscape fashioned by geology – Edinburgh and West Lothian

Landscape fashioned by geology – East Lothian and the Borders

Landscape fashioned by geology – Mull and Iona

Landscape fashioned by geology – The Outer Hebrides